Who am I?

My name is Andras Nagy. 1978 I have left Hungary, I have tried everything to have a balanced mind to no avail. After many teachers I came upon an ancient Indian book and with a help of someone to muddle through I finally self-realized, in 2020. I am a writer and publisher of reprint books, so it was natural to attempt to write about this method of self realizing with Advaita Vedanta.

I was always fascinated by dreams and dreaming. In my youth, I had vivid dreams; later in my life, I became an insomniac and had sleep apnea. So my doctor sent me to an overnight sleep study where they hooked me up with all sorts of electrodes to measure my sleep and wake cycle and the qualities of my sleep. I was uncomfortable and lay there for over five hours, apparently awake. Finally, at dawn, the assistant said I could unhook myself and go home. Following days they sent me a report that I was sleeping for four hours and my apnea was quite severe. I was astonished; I thought they would have to repeat the study due to a lack of data.
My first Yoga teacher said that when we dream, we are out of the gross (physical) body and enter a state via the subtle (invisible) body. He said he often spoke to his long-deceased Guru.

After 15 years of studying Tantra, Buddhism, Yoga and Taoism; now I write about Advaita Vedanta.


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