Can we Live without a Superpower?

While some people call this a “culture war,” the real issue is the peaceful transition of power from one superpower to another. The shifts are not always easy, and in Great Britain, two bloodlettings two world wars preceded in which it became clear the once-powerful British Empire can no longer exist as its former self. The powers that exist worldwide that wish to replace the US as Superpower are inside and outside the United States. Approximately 800-million people support Donald Trump around the world. As the new world leader, China is not that appealing to the masses, but sadly, their voices are muted by censorship and media that refuses to discuss these issues. Unfortunately, too many businesses benefit from lopsided China trade, and corrupt politicians are all too happy to look the other way when deals are stuck that negatively impact US workers. These factors are vital to the Deep State and their foreign cohorts to discredit and eliminate the voices that back Donald Trump. Why else would wearing the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” be labeled chauvinistic and distasteful? When Rome fell, dark ages followed. As human beings, we must be extra careful not to start a civil war that is not winnable. Our ever-growing account and trade deficit, devalued currency, educational system, and incoherent social structure are indicators that are the trends are irreversible. We should ensure to avoid any war, foreign or domestic. We should have an open and frank discussion on these subjects without censorship and fake news that only portrays one side but demonizes the other. To have a dialogue, we must understand our position not to censor them and drive them underground.


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