Doing by not doing (wei wu wei)

Self-inquiry goes through four stages of deconstruction. At the end of stage one, the thinker is deconstructed; at the end of stage two, the doer/experiencer is deconstructed; at the end of stage three, the Witness is deconstructed; and at stage four, complete subject-object duality is deconstructed.
It’s like a dream taking place automatically, and you wake up from that dream. You are not trying to make the dream better. The actions shall continue, but you would be identified as their Witness rather than as the thinker/doer/experiencer. To understand better, introspect on the dynamics of dream actions. For example, can you find your car in your dream? I have this recurring dream when I try to find my car to no avail.

In Taoism, there is this deep, profound expression, “wei wu wei”. This means actions should never be forced. In other words, do not swim upstream. Ultimately you are Witness, and everything happens as it should.

The question arises of free will. The wave of the events, acts and life-cycle the Witness identifies with the “I” ego, but no matter if the act is volition or happenstance; it is just an illusion.


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