You are Always Wrong – Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika

Nāgārjuna, the father of Mahayana Buddhism, showed that whatever we believe to be true is false.
i.e., Buddhists’ view of nonduality = 0, Advaita Vedanta nonduality = 1 – both non-dual, both true and both false at the same time. Whatever our feeble mind conceive is wrong, not THAT. It is best not to have firm ideas and understand that nothing is real that can be Objectified, and there might be a Subject. Then again, it might not; no matter, there lies your salvation. The idea of mutual arising is from this school of thought as well. The idea is that many dual concepts need an opposite to manifest. For example, darkness needs light to be understood. These codependent concepts need each other to exist as phenomena; if the light would cease, darkness would also cease as such. This is hard to comprehend, but darkness would no longer be conceptualized as darkness as we need to know of the light to understand what happens when light disappears. After reading the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, I realized that it is best not to have a firm opinion as I do not know, and intellect and logic or TEACHERS are useless in “realization.”
It just makes no difference.
“nirvikalpam anānārtham etat tattvasya lakśaṇaṁ|Devoid of mental construction, without variation, this is the mark of thatness.”

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